May 13th “Theatre for a Reason” Carnegie Mellon School of Drama (Room to be announced)  “Jóvenes Sin Nombres” Workshop with CMU School of Drama director and playwright Anya Martin

Creating Issue Driven Theatre with an Ensemble
If no one else is telling the story, it’s time that you did.  This workshop is for actors, directors, designers, playwrights, and teachers who desire to create original work about important issues through group exploration and improvisation.  Using a range of physical techniques, free writings, research, and passion for a cause; this workshop is meant to provide participants with practical exercises as well as inspiration to empower a company of artists to tell stories, which can change the world.

May 7th Carnegie Museum of Art (5:30-8:00):  GET OUT THE VOTE FOR….  The best mural design created by members of  Jóvenes Sin Nombres with Project Lead Artist Tavia La Follette, Director and Founder ArtUp

 April 5 (6:00-8:30)  Nuestros Caminos / Our Journeys

The Arts Greenhouse and Jóvenes Sin Nombres invite you to attend a public workshop on bilingual Hip Hop.  Come hear cutting-edge examples of Hip Hop entirely or partially en español and/or in different dialects of English and help create original lyrics that span linguistic boundaries and speak to problems of real-life border crossing.  Delicious food will be provided!

 This event will feature teenage residents of Pittsburgh currently participating in The Arts Greenhouse and Jóvenes Sin Nombres, but all are invited to attend.  No particular language skills are required.

When?  Monday April 5, at 6:00pm

Where?  The Danforth Lounge, University Center, Carnegie Mellon University

What?  Music, free food, and creative expression.

March 2010: Jóvenes Sin Nombres de Pittsburgh at the Latin American and Caribbean Festival at University of Pittsburgh – Demasiados Nombres (Too Many Names) – Pablo Neruda